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Why the time of digitalization?

A customer don't walk in a restaurant to have food in four walls anymore. Today, they expect a high quality guest experience every time and across every channel. This high quality experience is dependent upon the gap between business and the customer.

The onset of digitalization is creating an impact making the gap between businesses and customer minimized.

Role of Technology in Digitalization

Do customers love technology driven things?

Smartphones rule this era, and right from viewing your menu online to paying for it can all be done with the swipe of a finger. This generation customers are technologically savvy, they shares their experience on various platforms which proves that you've gained their loyalty to your brand, which increase walk-ins.

Why You have to move on digital restaurant

How digitalization can be precious thing to restaurant?

Having a CRM software doesn't necessarily means restaurant is digitalized, it has to be from every dimension.

A fully digitalized restaurant would have digital menu cards, order and payment from with in app with an addition to a social media channel where restaurants can advertise their offers and new services to improve customer engagement.

Most business struggle to hold attention of their customers which means investments that can be quite expensive. Using technology with your business is a way to reduce men power. Other costs like menu card reprinting are also reduced. This allows to create a budget for other operations, like introducing new offers & services for customers.

Especially at this time of COVID19 pandemic, digitalization is important to promote contact-less dining but with a social touch.

How we do this for you

How Catriu digitalize your restaurant?

Catriu is a common social and ordering platform which can be used by anyone with a phone in hand. Catriu understands your business process and logics and helps you get onboard on the platform.

QR Code is placed on each table which can be scanned with Catriu app, QR Code reader or Paytm app whatever the customer prefers. After scan, menu is available on user's device. Menu is dynamic which can be updated anytime with Catriu restaurant software app. Customers can browse through menu and latest offers to select their preferred dish and quantity which is recieved on restaurant app.

Payments can be made using app itself which reduces hassel of maintaining finance and bills, since bills are digitally generated and are sent on the user app.

Catriu is a marketing app for restaurant. Since Catriu is powered by social media which is specifically for foodies, restaurants get a crowd to advertise themselves and their offer.

Restaurants can manage staff, menus, offers, finance and virtually everything on the Catriu restaurant app. Simillarly to improve customers' experience, Catriu is feature rich with options like Bill Split, Multi-menu View, Foodie Post, Foodie Quote and a Profile to show off to other foodies.

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Catriu is a platform for foodies by foodies. An application that will not let you wait for the waiter to order food and pay bills. We don't deliver food, we just help you to get food from your table, in a restaurant giving you the flexibility to, choose and place orders without compromising with your privacy.

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