Don't wait for Waiter

Get your waiter in your pocket

We are here to make your Restro & Hotel Multistar,
and speed up your work with Catriu.

Easy Table Managment

Get real time customer order updates on Catriu desktop app.

Digital Menu Card

No need to print reprint mutiple menu card, you can manage menu by app. This keeps your menu dynamic by which you can offer daily discounts and special dishes.

Reduce Men Power

No need to assign waiter on each table. It can be easily handled on app.

Full Satisfaction to the Customer

Give your customer full satisfaction. Social media part of Catriu app will keep them engaged with your daily updates.

Founder's Goal Behind Catriu...

The ultimate goal of Catriu Founders is to change create an ecosystem that is specifically for foodies.

  • Change The Way of Ordering
  • Saves to Much Time
  • Easy to Manage Table
  • Pay Bill by App
  • Multiple Menus Avaliable on Single Table
  • No Need to Call Waiter
  • No More Misunderstanding of Orders
  • Easy Menu Updation

Working with

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